Dear Professional Colleagues,

Library and Information Centres have been playing the vital and indispensable role of catalyst in the development of human society.  In fact, what all scientific and technological developments that are taking place in the modern world would not have been possible without conservation and dissemination of knowledge by the Library and Information Centres.  In spite of playing such a crucial role library and information workers have remained as the intermediaries or indirect contributors.  I think it is time librarians, Information and knowledge workers should play a direct active and dynamic role in the

reforms, especially when the society is burning under the flames of violence, crime, corruption, unrest and unruliness.

The human society is becoming inhuman society day-by-day.  Inhuman elements are on the rise.  The World Report on Violence and Health prepared by the WHO notes, “Violence — a universal challenge.” Human misery caused by the inhuman acts of the evil forces is indescribable.  Human values and value system are eroded by the evil forces to such an extent where there is no value for life itself.  There prevails, the ideology of hate, violence, crime, unrest, disorder and unruliness.  In such conditions, should we play a passive and indifferent role?  We have an active and direct role as societal counselors and advisors.  By promoting healthy and right reading habits and also conducting active social reform programmes we can bring splendid change in the society.

It is in view of this I launch the Global movement called “Library, Information and Knowledge Workers for Social Reforms” (LIKWSR), if not we ourselves, who else will take care of our society?  Let us revolutionize the society.  Come and participate in the movement and show the library power, the information power and the knowledge power. Come, let us change the world.

Reacting to the present social conditions, I have published a book entitled Be Human on Amazon.com.  It endeavors to mirror the beautiful and also the ugly face of the human society.  It calls for the humanity to develop a humane society that is free from crime and criminality; violence and hatred; evils and ill-feelings, a society where peace and harmony prevail; a loving and caring society.

Publication of this book is the first step of the LIKWSR movement.  This book can be located on Amazon by searching for ‘Be Human Vishwa Mohan’.  Library, Information and Knowledge workers (They are the librarians, information workers, scientists, teachers, authors, and all those who are concerned with generation, collection, organization, preservation and dissemination or spread of knowledge/information) are the first to read and recommend / provide good books to the readers at large.  Hope you will participate positively and actively in this movement by spreading the message.  It has to be a collective effort.  The future plans, programmes and activities will be decided and initiated collectively.  I invite valid ideas and suggestions from everyone with regard to how should we proceed.

If you feel that you have to do something, please, contribute your ideas and make your suggestions.Forward this message to your readers, students,  friends, colleagues, relatives and all acquaintances and motivate them to participate in the movement.

You can reach me at:  humanityatvvm@gmail.com

Or Join my Blog http://humanityatvvm.blogspot.in/ at blogger.com orgoogle groups at humanityatvvm

Thanking you,

With best wishes and regards.

Prof V Vishwa Mohan


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